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Cinematographers, Filmmakers, Storytellers. 

What is your approach towards making a wedding film?

Our videos are envisioned, shot and edited differently  from wedding to wedding. We like to keep each wedding true to what it was!

Do you travel ?

Yes, we do travel all across the world.

What are the deliverables ?

Our two main deliverables are a 3-5 minute cinematic trailer and a 25-30 minute cinematic highlight film are our main deliverables. Along with that we give separate full videos for performances/interviews.

When can we expect the delivery ?

It usually takes us 4-6 months to deliver your complete film based on our work schedule.

How big is your team ? 

A team of three is large enough to capture a wedding in its entirety but the size of the team is decided based on individual requirements

What are your payment terms ?

We take 60% of the total booking amount at the time of booking , the remaining balance is due on the first day of coverage.

How do I book you guys?

Thank you for showing interest in our work!

Give us a call anytime or leave us a message on whatsapp!


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Better Photography Wedding Awards 2019

Best Cinematography in a wedding film 


Best Cinematography in a wedding film


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